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Shenzhen zhongwanghe Communication Technology Co., Ltd. started with the distribution of generic cabling products and developed steadily. Oue company is base on "unity and innovation, burning life; win-win cooperation, sharing prosperity"Our business philosophy is to establish a good reputation in the Communication market with excellent service and product quality. Customers cover major industries such as multinational companies, telecommunications, finance, education, transportation, government and so on. In 2019, relying on a strong distribution force, Shenzhen zhongwanghe Communication Technology Co., Ltd. has become a professional Communication product supplier (Huawei, ZTE) two brand projects and technical service providers. In terms of Communication product supply, it provides router, switch, optical fiber products, generic cabling and other network product distribution.In the course of development, Shenzhen zhongwanghe Communication Technology Co., Ltd. has close cooperation with many internationally famous companies, such as Huawei, ZTE, Fenghuo, Cisco, 3Com, and other Communication hardware manufacturers, CommScope (CommScope) and other Communication cabling manufacturers, and is committed to providing the latest and best products and perfect services to customers.

Technical cooperation: we have a number of professional certified engineers, including one CIW network security expert, three Cisco CCNA and CCNP, one Huawei Certified Network Engineer (HCSE), three HCNE, three / CommScope (formerly AVAYA) certified generic cabling engineer, two IBDN certified generic cabling engineer and one fluke certified cabling engineer. We have always been committed to providing partners and users with first-class system scheme demonstration, design, consultation, system software and hardware selection, configuration, system engineering implementation, and providing partners and users with professional fiber to home, three in one, computer system, network system, intelligent building, intelligent community, factory building, campus cabling, Home wiring and other wiring products and complete solutions

In 2019, we won the gold medal agency of Huawei distribution, and won the favor and cooperation of customers to jointly expand and serve the IT market in China.

Future network, create space. Let's go to tomorrow hand in hand!
We wholeheartedly provide you with all-round one-stop service!
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