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Huawei 8 ports XGS - PON optical interface board TWEDE OLT device of three nets

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Huawei 8 ports XGS - PON optical interface board TWEDE OLT equipment

H901TWEDE board that

H901TWEDE board is a 8 port XGS - PON interface board. It with the optical network unit (ONU) provide XGS - PON access.

Features and specifications

Please refer to the "comparison between same type plate".


Please refer to the "power and the biggest dimension motherboard.

Work standards

Figure 1 H901TWEDE plate works

Said control signal channel

Said service signal channel

Control module: load the veneer software, control the operation of veneer, veneer.

Exchange module: gather and forward from eight XGS - PON port signals.

Interface module: XGS - PON optical signal and the conversion between Ethernet packets

Indicates the channel power or the clock signal

Power supply module for each function module power supply to the veneer.

The clock module for each function module provides the clock signal to the single board.

The front panel port

Detailed information about the support of light module, please see the PON optical module.



The name of the


Instructions for


Running status indicator

Red: flashing

Development board to enter at the start of the APP

Green: once every 0.25 seconds flicker

Development board into the stage of communicating with the control panel

Green: once every 1 second flicker

Circuit board to work properly

Orange: once every 0.25 seconds flicker

Produce high temperature alarm

Red: open

The board is wrong



PON port lights

Green: open

PON port ONT online

Green: shut down

The PON port ONT in the offline state


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