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Huawei fan box FCBC PON FTTH fiber to the home of passive optical network three nets

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Huawei fan box FCBC PON passive optical networks

IEC fan box (FCBC)

Fan box has the function such as heat dissipation, monitoring and control of motor speed, to ensure that the equipment working under a steady temperature.


MA5680T IEC fan box (FCBC) equipped with eight fan.



The numerical

The physical size (width * high deep)438.00mm x 245.20mm x 38.50mm
The weight of the2.20kg
Power consumptionStatic: 17 w

Biggest: 52 w


Fan box has the following features:

Heat dissipation

Fan box at the top of the box business, business frame ventilation cooling with convulsions. The cold wind from the lower part of the machine frame, after each work in the machine box veneer, by the upper machine frame.


Fan box fan monitoring plate is configuration, can detect the fan is working correctly, and provide communication interface and main control board, timing information detected by fan control module (installation) in the fan frame for main control board.

Control of motor speed

According to the environmental temperature of detected automatically adjust the speed of the fan, the fan speed can be set up by data configuration.

Indicator light

Light silk screen

Light is stateState description

Instructions for


Yellow light flashing cycle (0.3 seconds

Fan box is not registered or loaded

Don't need to deal wit

Communication between the host and the fan casing

Check the fan casing connection to a communications device

Green light flashin

The fan casing running normall

Don't need to deal with

Yellow light flashes (cycle 1 second)

Have prompted the alarm, but does not affect the busines

According to the alarm corresponding processing

The red light flashin

Fan failure or high temperature alarm

Will the fan speed up, reduce the temperature

Fans may be failure, replace defective fan box


When the power supply board monogamous, yellow lights flashing, but does not affect the business.


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