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Part six GE plate GU6F OLT equipment

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Part six GE plate GU6F OLT equipment

Product overview

Fire AN5516 series telecommunications bureau of PON Wan Zhao platform end equipment, USES the industry leading technology, full board, before the line design, provide high density xPON plate mouth, support 10 GE GE / / STM 1 / E1 interface, which can realize EPON/GPON / 10 g PON/P2P mixed interpolation, continue to evolve, effectively protect the network construction investment; USES the high performance chip, green and energy saving, improve the reliability of the network, reduce operational costs.

Range of application

AN5516-01 usually deployed in the community or the engine, its network location is as follows:

As a FTTx access device, AN5516-01 equipment by ODN network, based on single fiber media gathering user side of the voice, data, video and other business flow, and through the gigabit or Wan Zhao top allied access to broadband metropolitan area network; AN5516-01 equipment can also be through a variety of interface clock input and output clock signal, establish the clock synchronization information transmission network;

As MSAN access devices, AN5516-01 equipment by POTS interfaces, xDSL, voice and data interface and E1 interface implementation copper wire access, make the traditional copper wire users can also through the AN5516-01 equipment configuration management and business, achieve the same platform, multiple access.

Product features

Strong ability to access

Large capacity, high density telecom level Wan Zhao platform, support 256 PON single box, exchange capacity of 4.384 G, 14.08 T back bandwidth

Provide Wan Zhao high-speed linked the card + 4 * 1 * 10 GE GE, GE, GE + 2 * 2 * 10 6 * GE (light, electricity optional)

Support STM - 1 / E1 line upstream interface, support maximum 16 x 16 ge line downward interface

1:32/64/128 support optical branching ratio, long transmission distance, CLASS C + light module

Under the same PON mouth different ONU's biggest difference distance not less than 40 km

High reliability optimization design

Standard 19 inch structure support 16 business slot

Full board, before the design

Support all boards, PON optical module hot plug

Support the business board, main control part, main for redundancy protection

End-to-end protection: top allied double attribution/RSTP/LACP protect mouth, PON mouth TYPE B/C protection

The whole business access

Provide broadband, voice, IPTV, CATV, TDM and other integrated services access

Supports IEEE 1588 v2 protocol, 1 PPS + TOD clock input

Support OSPF, VRRP, three layers of functions such as RIP protocol

EPON/GPON / 10 g PON/P2P platform, support FTTX smooth evolution

Green energy saving

High-performance low-power chips, and the overall power consumption is lower than the industry average


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