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Beacon optical transceiver OL100CR converter single-mode one hundred million - 02 b

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Fire optical transceiver, F - engine OL100/200 by network is highly reliable, low cost of Ethernet transmission media converter, its role is to efficiently achieve 10 m and 100 m or 1000 m Ethernet conversion between electricity and light mouth mouth, also can achieve the similar and different types of gigabit optical transformation.

OL100/200 series fiber transceiver using optical module of well-known brands at home and abroad, has low transmission delay and line speed forward ability. Optical interface to support the transmission distance of 2 km (multimode), 5 km (multimode), 20 km, 40 km, 60 km, 80 km, 100 km and 120 km eight; Electrical interface to support full duplex/half duplex mode adaptive, 10/100 m electric interface support 10, 100 m speed adaptive, 10/100/1000 m electric interface support 10, 100, 1000 m adaptive speed. MB series also provides much electric equipment, gigabit series provides transformation between two different types of gigabit light mouth mouth or similar gigabit optical transmission distance extend equipment.

OL100 series desktop product volume small, the power built-in, can choose way of power supply according to user requirements (vac or 110/220-48 VDC) greatly satisfy the users all kinds of high reliable, high performance under the environment of network transmission.

OL200 series of compact structure, centralized power supply, can provide 16 slots and 4 slots two types chassis to install optical transceiver module type products. From the nature of work can be divided into two kinds of, the network management and network management. Network using master-slave type management structure to support the SNMP and Web graphical and command line mode Telnet out-of-band network management, for the maintenance and management of telecom operators provides a convenient and reliable method.

OL100/200 series public features:

Cardiac accord with IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3 u, IEEE802.3-2000, IEEE802.3 ab, IEEE802.3 z, IEEE802.3 ah standards;

Cardiac conforms to ANSI X3T12 TP - PMD standards;

Cardiac conforms to ANSI X3.166 FDDI - PMD standards;

Has low transmission delay;

Cardiac support full duplex/half duplex adaptive pattern;

Cardiac electrical interface support 10/100/1000 m adaptive: (applicable to OL100/200-04 series)

Cardiac support automatic MDI/MDIX crossover functions;

Has a built-in high-performance engines, exchange control error propagation effectively; (applicable to OL100/200-02/04 series)

Derive the MAC address self-study, update feature, according to the MAC address table to forward the packet to reduce the broadcast domain effectively; (applicable to OL100/200-02/04 series)

His support rate control function, the smallest particle velocity for 32 k;

Cardiac support link failover, distal wrong instruction function;

Cardiac OL100CR - XXX support far side electric alarm;

Complete cardiac transmission distance series, can achieve 120 km of transmission;

Cardiac single mode or multimode fiber, support SC


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