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War of eight EPON optical disk interface EC8B OLT equipment

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War of eight EPON optical disk interface EC8B OLT equipment


Models for 2.119.354 EC8B plate.


The main function of EC8B plate are as follows:

U? Provides eight EPON interface;

U? Support multiple business, including data, voice, IPTV, CATV;

U support IGMP proxy/snooping multicast and controllable multicast;

U? Support real-time fast dynamic bandwidth allocation DBA;

U? With flexible QoS and SLA function;

U? With functions of FEC;

U? Support local and remote loopback test;

U? Has the rich OAM functions;

U? Support the ONU automatic discovery and detection function;

U? Support the ONU pre authorization and pre-configured functions;

U? Support the ONU batch configuration function;

U? Automated ONU software upgrade, easy maintenance and management;

U? Support machine plate of software of the remote online upgrade.

The working principle of

EC8B working principle of the plate as shown in figure 4 to 11.

Figure 4-11 EC8B plate works

EC8B plate principle of work is as follows:

U? Control module to complete the software of the machine plate load, operation control, management, and other functions.

U? Exchange of eight EPON port signal gathering module implementation.

U? Light signals and Ethernet interface module for EPON message transformation.

U? Power module receives from the back - 48 v power supply, switching cost machine, the working power supply of plate of each function module.

U clock module for the unit disc each function module provides clock work.

Panel shows

The panel figure

Figure 4-12 EC8B panel


Table 4-12 EC8B disk interface specifications

Interface identifier




GPON interface

Through ODN connection distal ONU equipment


The test interface

It is not open to the user

Indicator light

Table 4-25 GC8B plate lamp

Light is identified






Working indicator light


Normally on

This offer is in good working condition

Slow flash

This offer is starting but has not been established in the initialization or software master-slave communication mode


This offer is in receiving configuration commands or positive

In establishing a master-slave communication state

Put out

This offer is not to electricity or software not rev

Dynamic state.


The alarm indicator light


Normally on

This offer is reset or master-slave communication is built

Set is not successful

Put out

This offer is in good working condition.

LNK 1~8

Port status led


Normally on

The distal ONU is connected and authorization

Put out

The distal ONU not connected or unauthorized

Pan buttons that

Figure 4-22 GC8B plate of key position


Reset operation can lead to this GC8B plate under all the ONU business interruption, general maintenance in machine set

At level. Recommend that users do not directly using the reset button to reset.

Table 4-26 GC8B disk button


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